Hi, I’m Jack Gleason

Jack is a future's trader from Chicago. He got his start in the markets at 15 when he purchased his first stock. Jack has previously worked for Tom Sonsoff Founder of ThinkorSwim. Having his own segment on the Tastytrade Financial Network called “Get Trading @ 22”. Jack has also traded for a private family office as, equity prop desk in Chicago where he obtained his series 56 prop trading license. Jack is also a featured educator on Tai Lopez Financial literacy course taught to over 100,000 people. Jack has been actively teaching for 7+ years. Turning beginning traders into professionals working out of prop firms. He specializes in technical analysis based on the Fibonacci sequences, supply, and demand zones. With 15+ years of experience in the markets, Jack brings his best to his current active StartupTrading Membership. Answering any and all questions by Members, helping new and professional traders navigate a market-driven by computers.

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The Simple Trade Course is designed to teach you the basic terms of trading. With 20+ Lessons, in easily digestible clips. You will learn the most important terms about trading with Real Live Examples. AS A BONUS we also walk you through opening an account.